Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Newest Projects

Hello Friends,

Well vacation days are over and here are the few projects I completed while on vacation.  The new stamp pad organizer was done while at the race track.  It was so windy that I didn't venture outside of the living quarters of the racecar trailer too much.

I will need to look back and see where I got the instructions for this and then give credit for it. Ok...found it...it came from Karen Church's blog that can be found at syzygyofme.blogspot.com it is not exactly as she designed it but somewhat close.  I just wanted to give credit where credit was due.

Then on Monday, while catching up on other stuff I managed to get my table painted. Here is view 1.

and here is view 2.

After I had my new stamp pad organizer in place I realized that I no longer had a place to display my wood mounted rubber stamps so I had to add a couple of shelves.  I was just going to get some of the prefinished boards but no one had the correct length of those available.  So I asked at the local Woodson's if they by chance had any scrap pieces of 1x6 or 1x8 boards? And they did!!! I was so excited!!! but when I got home with them to paint them white...I realized I was out of white paint and I wasn't going to make another trip.  So since I still had plenty of black paint still available...you can see what I did.

That's all for now! Until the next time!

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